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Squeeze Creative

About Us

We design bold brands that get noticed

Brand identity design is at the core of our services. We look at the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ of a business to understand how the design can be both relevant and differentiated in the desired market. The brand can then extend into print, digital and web design consistently.

Our story

Our founders and directors Chen Ryan and Sotiri Svoronos met over 20 years ago and bonded over a shared love of design, photography and music. Since 2004 they have partnered to run a successful design studio. One that has helped hundreds of businesses, from a divers range of industries, find their voice and place in their markets.

As co-directors, Chen and Sotiri are directly involved on all client projects, ensuring that every project is of the highest quality and retains the distinctive, clean and accessible look that Squeeze Creative is known for.

Our team

We are — and will always be — a small, nimble team. We don’t have middle-management so everyone on the team works directly on projects and deals directly with our clients. This makes for an efficient and collaborative process; a branding journey to create something we’ll all be proud of.

About Us
About Us

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